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About “Love Has Many Faces”

It’s All about “Love” … and Music!

The album recorded by Marilyn Milano is a Freedom Solutions Recording Plan (FSRP) Album, meaning it was created through a process that saves the artist money by taking budgeting and planning to the next step. The plan, developed by Loren Weisman, relies on the artist’s willingness to invest the time needed into her project to maintain the control of their music and their career. The artist gives a percentage to a charity or organization they believe in while also raising funds from donors or investors to avoid the pitfalls of industry control. This process creates a clear plan from start to finish, from preproduction to release, while simultaneously empowering the artist with the knowledge, the tools and the skills to become self sustaining and self sufficient.

“Love Has Many Faces” begins with "Take Me To Your Heart" a song written from the perspective of a shelter animal waiting for someone to love. The second song, Puppy’s Lullaby, evokes the peace and comfort that comes when a dog (or any pet for that matter) is finally in a safe, loving home, Daffodils, originally written in 2008 for Susan Michaels, founder of Pasado’s Safe Haven, was composed in memory of her beloved pet Chomper, who passed away that same year, and expresses the sorrow one feels when losing a beloved family friend. Sanctuary, another instrumental, again speaks to a safe place, one of love and comfort. Finally, Love Has Many Faces, the title track and an anthem to rescue, expresses why rescue is so important, and why those who care about animals must carry on until there are no more homeless pets. So many need us—as long as we have love in our hearts to share with our fur friends, why not “open our hearts and let their love in” yet one more time?

“I hope you will enjoy the beautiful arrangement and production on these five songs for rescue, thanks to Larz Nefzger, Kelly Kunz, and a bevy of fine session musicians.”
  1. Take me to Your Heart
  2. Puppy’s Lullaby
  3. Daffodils
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Love Has Many Faces

Daffodils  *  Love Has Many Faces

You’re currently listening to pre-production working tracks/piano and vocal only.


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